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Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Premium Vertical Blinds in Werribee

An affordable and attractive solution for any size window or veranda door.

Custom made vertical blinds are an easy and attractive solution for any window or veranda door and their perfectly straight lines allow outstanding light control and excellent privacy. At Werribee Blinds, we can supply and install custom made vertical blinds for your home or office in Werribee.

These blinds are practical, hard-wearing, easy to operate and easy to clean. They can be completely drawn or open to one side should you want a full window view. With a range of to choose from, the vertical blinds in Werribee offer excellent light control for your home or office.
We offer a huge range of quality vertical blinds that are durable and high-quality. Choose from an extensive range of lengths, widths, shades, textures and patterns to create a truly customised solution for your home or business.

If you’re looking for a practical window blind option that creates energy-efficient homes, then we recommend you to browse our range of custom vertical blinds online. They play an important role in minimising heat and UV ray exposure and maintains an ideal temperature throughout the year.
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Vertical blinds are an easy and attractive solution for any size window or veranda door and their perfectly straight lines allow outstanding light control and excellent privacy.
At Werribee Blinds, we hold years of experience in providing compatible window coverage solutions in Werribee. We offer a seamless online shopping experience so that our clients can choose from an array of blinds and shutters for both doors and windows. With our custom made vertical blinds, you can get install sturdy vinyl window coverings in your home and get flexible light control. These blinds can be operated easily and offer a distinctive touch to modern spaces.

A Different Aesthetic

Vertical blinds are slightly different from other blinds and therefore create a unique look to your room. Because of their vertical gradient, they often make a space look higher and more spacious.

A Customizable Look
We have a very large array of 100% blockout fabrics and designs available when it comes to vertical blinds. Our sliding door vertical blinds are custom made right here in Victoria, Australia. Whether you have a sleek and modern design or more conservative furnishings; at Werribee Blinds you are going to find a style to suit and complement the ambience of your room.

Sun protection

Our vertical slats are available in 90 mm or 127mm. These slats are a lot wider than venetian blind slats. For this reason, they offer superior control when it comes to privacy and light.

Our vertical blinds in Werribee have excellent window coverage which reduces the amount of UV light that shines through your windows and into your home or office. This decreases the amount of damage to your flooring and furniture caused by the sun’s potent rays.

Vertical blinds can be used on sliding doors, windows that slide open as well as traditional doors and windows.

Ease of access
Vertical blinds slide in the same direction as the window/door which makes them more convenient to open and close. You would have to pull venetians up entirely for access.

Choice of operating system
Werribee Blinds offers you an option of a traditional chain attachment or chain-less blinds with a closed stitched bottom. The latter provides you with a maintenance-free alternative.

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To see our latest range of cheap vertical blinds, please visit our showroom in Railway Ave Werribee, Victoria. We have a highly skilled sales team that is ready to assist you in making the right choice in shutters or blinds for your business or home.

We are sure when you choose our vertical blinds in Werribee, you will be amazed at the instant transformation of your home, patio and windows. With a combination of resilient and light-weight materials, these blinds come in a variety of fabrics and finishes that will match your space’s décor.

We also offer a free measure and quote to all listed products, performed by highly qualified, product trained and friendly sales representatives. You can either call our office at 03 9974 2355 or make an online inquiry and allow us to get back to you.

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