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The Ultimate Guide to Roman Blinds

Roman blinds in Melbourne are the ultimate in style and sophistication. This elegant window treatment is ideal for curtains, providing privacy, light control, and thermal efficiency.

What are Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds are among the world’s most fashionable window blinds. They offer a compact, comfortable, homely touch, the best option between heavy curtains and slender-line roller blinds. Roman blinds are a piece of window-closing furnishings that use top rails, cords, and a textile panel designed to bend when drawn up. When the blind is opened, the cords pull the slats together and pull the fabric into pleats. When the blind is closed, the cords release the slats and allow the material to relax. A Roman blind’s beauty is the unalterable ability to have it lowered to a given height. It can always look elegant even while allowing you to control privacy and light levels.

Which rooms are best for Roman blinds?

Roman blinds are particularly well suited for areas of your home, such as the living room. They make an excellent visual accessory, simultaneously enriching your decor by introducing colour. Roman blinds for small rooms will fit easily into the recess and not monopolise room space. Roman blinds can be combined with curtains for a lovely layered appearance for large rooms with large windows. They can be a good choice for bedrooms, making them seem warm, cosy and comfortable. They are also available with a blackout lining, which blocks all light and helps create a relaxing nighttime environment.

Setting up a Roman blind in your kitchen might be a good idea, yet consider the window’s location and how the fabric will wear. If you decide that you can put in a blind above a sink or near a cooking area, focus on a material that’s easy to clean and forgiving of stains.

What fabric should you use for your Roman blinds?

Several materials can be used to design Roman blinds, all providing different textures and weights that create a unique visual appeal. Lighter fabrics, such as silk and taffeta, provide smooth folds that make a gorgeous shine. These textiles do not work very well as insulation or sunlight-blockers. Linens and cotton blend fabrics are mid-range in weight, and they come in an extensive assortment of colours and designs. If you decide to open your blinds, they fold evenly and look immaculate. Heavy textiles, such as velvet, chenille, and wool, will be a perfect choice for Roman blinds, as they block out the cold and create a cosy and warm area.

Are Roman Blinds Worth the Extra Cost?

A cut of Roman blinds makes many of them more costly than rollers, verticals, and other types of blinds. And when they’re handmade to fit precisely your window, they’re much more labour-intensive and require much more skill to make, which again leads to a higher price. However, the beneficial effects of high-quality Roman blinds far exceed the price, and you’ll feel confident in getting your new Romans right away. Our team at Werribee Blinds specialises in crafting custom Roman blinds, which allows us to ensure each window has the ideal fit. We place this additional care into our production process to ensure your customers pay a fair price for their blinds, no matter how many are ordered.

Are you looking for cheap Roman blinds in Melbourne?

We offer a large selection of made-to-measure Roman blinds and other blind styles, curtains, cushions, and lamp shades to customers at Werribee Blinds. Give us a call if you have any questions. We are always ready to help.

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