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Block Out The Summer Heat With Roller Blinds

The summer heat in Australia can get quite intense, prompting many people to look for sustainable cooling options. Window fixtures, such as curtains, shutters, and blinds have become an attractive option because they are both eco-friendly and budget-friendly. Among these noteworthy window fixtures, roller blinds have become the favorite for us at Werribeeblinds blinds and shutters Melbourne. Also known as Holland blinds or block out blinds, these fixtures provide great sun blocking capabilities for bedrooms, living rooms, and businesses alike. Their defining features include adjustable light control for partial or full coverage of natural light, conveniently placed cords that make it easy to adjust the amount of light entering a room and space saving designs that don’t take up too much room when opened or closed. 

They have a lot features:

  • A plethora of fabric selections are available, from light and transparent to sturdy and opaque.
  • Sunscreen roller blinds use the force of gravity to collect the fabric into a roll at the top of the window, aptly named as such.
  • Next, lowering and adjusting can be done either manually or mechanically according to preference.
  • Most Roller Blinds are tailored to your window’s specific measurements.
  • The types of roller blinds available can vary depending on what season it is and how much light or insulation you require

Holland blinds are a great way to keep your Australian home cool, no matter where you’re from – whether it be Victoria, New South Wales or elsewhere. This blind type can make a real difference to your and your family’s comfort this summer. 

Here are some of the benefits of roller blinds: 

  • UV Protection: Blockout roller blinds are often designed with a UV light blockade, preventing the damaging effects of the sun’s rays from entering your property. This ultimately creates a more comfortable and secure environment while you are at home or work.
  • Help with Glare: Are you tired of experiencing annoying and distracting glare while watching TV or using the computer? Blockout blinds provide a perfect solution with their special fabrics. Make use of high-quality roller blinds to eliminate this reflection of the sun forever!
  • Lots of fabric options: Sunscreen roller blinds are available in a selection of fabrics, which can be printed or solid. With a variety of colors, textures, and patterns, these moisture-wicking and washable shades offer something for everyone.
  • Fully Customizable: When it comes to selecting the right roller blinds for your home, there are several factors to consider, such as where you live and how much light you need to block. If your main aim is to reduce intense sunlight, translucent roller blinds may be the perfect option for you. Alternatively, double roller blinds can provide excellent coverage for day and night use. Plus, you can even add an extra layer of personalization by combining a roller blind with a light filtering blind.
  • Help You Save Money: Roller blinds are an economical window covering option, providing savings in the here and now. But it doesn’t stop there – they can also slash your energy bill by reducing the need for interior cooling.
  • Keep You Cool: Roller blinds are an effective way to stop heat from getting in, as they repel solar rays instead of trapping them. The lighter the color and more quality the material, the more efficient it’ll be at deflecting heat.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to cool your home in warmer climates, Werribeeblinds blinds and shutters Melbourne has you covered! We have a range of both block out and translucent roller blinds to fit any budget. Take a look at our complete selection of custom home blinds today! Our business is completely family owned and operated. Pick up your phone today and get in touch with us to learn even more about roller blinds from our friendly staff.

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