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Diamond Grille Doors

Diamond Grille Doors

Diamond Grill Security Doors in Australia

An excellent choice in security solutions that will keep your home or business well secured. Get the high-quality grille doors for your home for complete peace of mind and security. Installing a diamond grille security screen is an excellent way to secure your home or business whilst enhancing the appearance of your windows or door openings.

Have a hinged or sliding door? No problem. Our range of diamond security screens can be used on all types of doors and windows. They can be customised to meet your home’s security needs. The top-quality framing and durable materials will provide superior protection to your home. The diamond security screen is a tried and tested product that has been in use in Australian homes for several decades. It’s a proven solution and still the most popular option on the market due to its affordable pricing.

Choosing a diamond grill security door for your property is an economical choice. The grill takes less time to install and do not wrinkle. With the ability to withstand almost every type of weather condition, you will enjoy having a durable and versatile product installed in your home.

Each diamond grille security screen from Werribee Blinds is made-to-order and customised for your home. Choose from a range of fly meshes to keep insects from entering your property without compromising the airflow and view.

Boasting a standard 7mm thickness, the diamond grill security door assures you of the highest standards of quality and durability. Installed by experienced professionals, our diamond grill door will stand the test of time and assure you of complete peace of mind.

View our Diamond Grilles Brochure Besides the obvious purpose of providing exceptional security to your home, the diamond grille security screens offered by Werribee blinds will provide you with the following benefits:


Diamond grille security doors provide for great ventilation by allowing the fresh flow of air through your doors and window openings. Good ventilation is essential when it comes to you and your family’s health. Furthermore, you can save on electricity bills in the hot summer by letting natural air cool your home and thereby lowering the need to run your AC.

Diamond grille security screens are available in one way mesh which provides an element of privacy to your home. You can still see out and enjoy the view of the beautiful outdoors whilst having peace of mind that the one way mesh is reducing the visibility into your house from the outside.

Legally compliant
With a 7mm strand thickness, diamond grille security screens meet the requirements of the Australian Security Door Standard AS5039. Furthermore, Werribee blinds will ensure they are installed to comply with Australian Security Door Installation Standard AS5040.

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To see our latest range of diamond grille security doors, please visit our showroom in Railway Avenue, Werribee, Victoria. We have a highly skilled sales team that is ready to assist you in making the right choice in security doors for your business or home.

We also offer a free measure and quote to all listed products, performed by highly qualified, product trained and friendly sales representatives. You can either call our office or make an online enquiry and allow us to get back to you. We strive to meet the individual requirements of our customers when it comes to delivering an accurate diamond grill security screen.

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